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Transcription services: Audio, Video, CD/DVDs... CastingWords - [ Traducir esta página ]
Quick, high quality audio transcription service with prices starting at $0.75/min. Just upload your file and pay per audio minute.
castingwords.com/ - hace 20 horas - En caché - Similares
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Transcription FAQ - CastingWords Transcription Services - [ Traducir esta página ]
It's a way for you to communicate with both CastingWords and the transcriptionist. The box may be used, for example, to list the names of podcast speakers, ...
castingwords.com/store/podcast_transcription_faq - En caché - SimilaresTurker Index - Turkers 2.0 (beta) - [ Traducir esta página ]
28 Aug 2008 ... You can also mail us at mail turkers@castingwords.com. Transcription Software. Express Scribe · QuickTime isn't transcription software, ...
turkers.castingwords.com/ - En caché - SimilaresTurker Nation - CastingWords - [ Traducir esta página ]
How to Make Money on Castingwords · akeetlebeetle, 9, 1850, May 11, 2010, 4:56pm by missmiab · Official "gripe about bad grades" thread ...
turkers.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=cwords - En caché - SimilaresCastingWords Interview: Amazon Web Services - [ Traducir esta página ]
Nathan McFarland, co-founder of CastingWords, tells us about his audio and ... How has Mechanical Turk helped CastingWords grow and what are your plans for ...
aws.amazon.com/.../case.../castingwords-interview/ - En caché - SimilaresCastingWords Case Study: Amazon Web Services - [ Traducir esta página ]
The CastingWords service relies on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Mechanical Turk is a Web services API that allows computers to integrate human intelligence tasks ...
aws.amazon.com/solutions/case.../castingwords/ - En caché - SimilaresCastingWords Turker Blog - [ Traducir esta página ]
Just because I'm on dial-up doesn't prevent me from accepting CastingWords HITS. All I do is open a window and let the audio file download. ...
mturkmedia.typepad.com/ - En caché - SimilaresCool Toys pics of the day: Casting Words - Cool Toy of the Day - [ Traducir esta página ]
24 Feb 2010 ... "CastingWords is a technology oriented transcription and web-sourcing ... CastingWords was founded in November 2005 by Rachel Richard and ...
cooltoys.posterous.com/cool-toys-pics-of-the-day-formspring-0 - En cachéHow To Work for CastingWords - [ Traducir esta página ]
How to become a Freelance Transcriber for CastingWords. We post all of all transcriptions ... More information can be found on our CastingWords Turker site. ...
turkerdocs.castingwords.com/.../getting_started.html - En caché - SimilaresInterview With Bob Walsh and Brief Review of CastingWords | Solostream - [ Traducir esta página ]
29 Jul 2009 ... I did a podcast interview with Bob Walsh, who just released a new book called MicroISV: From Vision to Reality (you can download the audio ...
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